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From car accidents to wrongful termination,
we help our clients recover what’s owed.

Our areas of expertise

Our lawyers have produced an extraordinary number of favorable outcomes for our clients. We take on
complex challenges; we find creative solutions; we get great results.

As premier Pittsburgh car accident lawyers, getting you compensation after an auto accident is our priority .
When you are unwell and at your most vulnerable, we are here to fight for your rights .
When a defective product causes harm, manufacturers, designers, and even the sellers can be held liable .
You have the right to report wrongdoings without fear of retaliation from your employer .
We can step in and protect you when your employer goes after your livelihood and peace of mind .
Cases of sexual harassment are complicated and sensitive by nature. We can be your advocate .
Discrimination based on disability occurs anytime you, as an employee, are treated unfairly or differently due to your disability .
Employers are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of of your gender .
An employer should never interfere with your right to be a mother and it's against the law for them to do so. .
The law provides you the right to keep your job regardless of your family or medical situation .

What our clients are saying

Charles I’m glad I had you on my side, giving me the strength to continue through to the end.


~ Christina Balmert, Regional Sales Manager

Thank you again! I knew if anyone was going to get me justice it’s you Bob and I can’t thank you enough for that ever!

~ H.H.

I had a case against a huge corporation. I was angry, hurt and scared. I cannot tell you how glad I was to hire Mr. Charles Lamberton. You could not ask for a better attorney. I worked with this man for a few years and let me tell you, he worked very hard for me and was phenomenal.

~ Brian Watson

Bob, you are an incredible attorney, man.  You are tops.  Your effort shows. Your dignity, your pride, your preparation and your ability . . . I just can’t commend you enough.

~ D.K.

Mr. Lamberton saved my family’s future and renewed our faith in the judicial system. He changed our lives.

~ Cynthia Ebert

Thanks again Bobby. You have NO idea what everything you’ve done has meant to me and my son. There are no words to explain it!!!!! I’ve thought it over and over and I have nothing…. The only way I can repay is to send you business…. There’s no words!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ V.B.