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When we are unwell or injured, we are at our most vulnerable. During those times, we put our faith and trust in medical professionals and hospitals to help and heal us. For the vast majority of patients, they receive the care and treatment that they need and go on to fully recover. Unfortunately, others do not. As a result of poor judgment, long hours of work, or negligence, medical professionals and hospitals make mistakes, medical oversights, and misdiagnoses. For patients, the outcomes of these errors are devastating and even deadly. 

If you are the victim of a doctor’s negligence or wrongdoing, you need a highly experienced medical malpractice lawyer on your side to help you get justice.

The medical industry is powerful and always well represented legally. Holding them accountable for medical malpractice after you or a loved one have suffered an unnecessary illness or injury may seem like an impossible task, especially after losing faith in a trusted health care provider or physician. 

No matter if you or someone you loved suffered pain, injury, or had a situation worsened by a medical practitioner, Bracken Lamberton can help you get the justice and compensation that you deserve. As experts in medical malpractice, we will thoroughly review the circumstances of your case to understand precisely what went wrong. We will then use our in-depth knowledge and experience to pursue all available legal recourse on your behalf.  

How precisely will I know if I have a medical malpractice case?

Each year thousands of people in the United States are harmed or die due to errors and mistakes made by medical professionals and hospitals. 

There are numerous types of medical malpractice cases, and they can occur in many different types of settings, such a doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and military medical facilities. Types of malpractice may include misdiagnosis, surgical and post-operative errors, and mistakes made during an ambulance ride or in the emergency room.  Factors to consider when evaluating a medical malpractice case include:

  • The existence of severe permanent injury or death,
  • Evidence that the injury, condition, or death was caused by substandard care,
  • When the injury or death occurred,
  • How has the injury impacted the life expectancy of the victim,
  • Cost of additional medical care as a result of the injury, including projected costs for all future care,
  • How much the victim earned in the past and all projected future earnings if the injury or death had not occurred,
  • How the victim’s injury or death affects immediate family members,
  • Whether the responsible healthcare professional or entity has sufficient liability insurance or assets to pay for a verdict or settlement. 

It is extremely vital to speak with an attorney and seek legal advice as soon as you know that a mistake or error has been made. There are statutes of limitation laws that can keep you from filing a medical malpractice case and seeking compensation after a specific amount of time has passed.

What questions should I ask when deciding which medical malpractice attorney to hire?

You will want to ensure that you select a well-quality attorney because medical malpractice cases are generally complicated and are often difficult to litigate. Most medical professionals try and do their best to deliver quality healthcare to the patients they serve. However, mistakes still occur. In some cases, those mistakes are life-changing and may even result in death or a shortened life expectancy. Therefore, finding the right medical malpractice attorney is key to winning your case. The following questions will help you select the best attorney for your case.

What is your experience, qualifications, and success in handling medical malpractice cases similar to mine?

A well-qualified medical malpractice lawyer will have expert knowledge, year of experiences litigating cases similar to yours, and successful case outcomes for victims. While there is never a guarantee to win a legal case, a highly experienced medical malpractice attorney will give you the greatest chance of prevailing in your case. Such a lawyer will know and understand the best approaches and techniques to use to get the justice you are entitled to and the maximum compensation owed to you.

What is your trial experience with medical malpractice cases?

A lawyer with ample trial experience in medical malpractice will know how to handle your case best if it goes to trial. Some attorneys are experts at conducting legal research but do not enjoy trial work, and therefore they avoid the courtroom. You do not want a trial-adverse attorney representing you in your medical malpractice case as it will diminish your odds of obtaining the best outcome. A lawyer with ample trial experience will be the most beneficial to your case and give you the best chances of prevailing.

Do you or your firm have the financial resources to handle my case?

Medical malpractice cases can be rather expensive to investigate, research, and bring to trial. Some lawyers will only handle the case to a settlement and will push you to settle the case when you could have a much more successful outcome by going to trial. You will want an attorney and a law firm with ample financial resources to cover all the upfront expenses of taking your case to trial if you choose to do so.

Who will be the actual lawyer representing my case?

In some law firms, the person you meet with will not be the lawyer who handles the case. Be certain to know which attorney will be in charge of your case and understand their qualifications to litigate medical malpractice cases.

Does the firm utilize highly qualified expert witnesses?

An expert witness’s testimony can often be the determining factor in whether you win or lose your case. The malpractice attorney and firm you choose to represent, you must have the resources and experience to find and hire the best expert witnesses. These witnesses must have impressive qualifications and expert knowledge about the illnesses, treatment, and injuries that are specific to you and your case.

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