If your employer has submitted false claims
to the government or otherwise defrauded
taxpayers, you could be entitled to a bounty
of millions of dollars. We’ll help you get it.


When a business you work for breaks either federal or state laws or takes any action that violates established public policy, you as an employee have the right to report these wrongdoings without fear of retaliation. That is the very essence and purpose of corporate whistleblowers law. 

Blowing the whistle on fraud, abuse, or other illegal activity that your employer is involved with is never easy. By doing the right thing, you may become the target of retaliation and possibly even termination. For this reason, you need the assistance and expertise of a corporate whistleblower attorney. 

At Bracken Lamberton, we are experts in whistleblower law, and we have extensive experience ensuring that employees who speak up about corporate wrongdoing are protected and compensated for any workplace retaliation. We have established a solid and strong reputation as a top corporate whistleblowers law firm as we are known for being zealous advocates for our clients. To protect you against retaliation, we will fight relentlessly to ensure that the issues you blew the whistle on receive the attention they deserve and that you are not punished for bringing them to light. 

Choosing a Corporate Whistleblower Attorney

Whistleblowers are brave individuals who stand up and share information that exposes wrongdoing. In most cases, corporate whistleblowers put their entire careers in jeopardy to do the right thing. With so much on the line, whistleblowers deserve a strong advocate by their side. As such, it is important to choose the best attorney who will protect you as a whistleblower. You have been courageous to speak out against wrongdoing and make yourself vulnerable to potential retaliation and even termination. You deserve a lawyer who is dedicated to protecting your rights and advocating on your behalf. As such, choose an attorney who has and will do the following:

Ample Experience in Corporate Whistleblower Law

Whistleblower law is extremely complex and challenging. The best-qualified whistleblower attorneys have relevant and extensive experience representing clients who have reported their employers for wrongdoing. The ideal attorney will begin by helping you understand the law and determine if you have a viable whistleblower case. If you do, the lawyer will help you gather the necessary information and evidence that will be needed to proceed with the claim. Your attorney should also understand that not all corporate whistleblower cases are the same and should proceed with your case’s specifics in mind. 

There are numerous whistleblower laws and programs under federal and state statutes. These laws have some similarities, but they are also unique with their individual procedures and rules. Therefore, your attorney must be adept at handling your case within the requirements of the laws that pertain to it. 

At Bracken Lamberton, we have extensive experience in handling whistleblower cases that are protected by numerous federal and state laws. We have the knowledge and skills that are needed to take the correct steps that will protect your rights. With our expertise, we will evaluate your claim, assist you in gathering and preparing evidence. We will also work to persuade the government to investigate your allegations if applicable, and we will always fight for the maximum whistleblower award you are entitled to receive. 

Prioritize the Protection of Your Interests

The best corporate whistleblowers attorney will look out for your best interests. Reporting your employer for wrongdoing is a daunting task. You will be worried about potential retaliation and how your whistleblowing actions will impact your career. As such, you should hire an attorney who understands the confidentiality and sensitivity of your case. The best whistleblower attorney will carefully listen to your story and take the time to understand your worries and concerns. The ideal lawyer will also answer any questions that you have and ensure that you are comfortable before the case moves forward. 

Track Records of Success and Rewards

Ultimately, for you, results will likely matter most. If your attorney cannot produce results, all of your bravery to come forward and the risk you have taken will not mean much. The best corporate whistleblowers lawyer will have a strong track record of working with government agents, attorneys, and investigators. Your attorney should also have a reputation as being trustworthy and reliable.

At Bracken Lamberton, we have a track record for obtaining successful outcomes in whistleblower cases. Our professional legal team has helped clients recover compensation in a variety of cases. Doing so has helped us develop a reputation for being a top corporate whistleblowers attorney in Pennsylvania.

Quick and Decisive Action

Corporate whistleblower cases are time-sensitive. If you wish to make protected disclosures and pursue compensation, it is imperative that you are working with the best whistleblower lawyer, and you must begin your case as soon as possible. The quicker you hire an experienced lawyer, the better prepared you will be, and you will be able to take advantage of all legal options that are available.

The attorneys at Bracken Lamberton will be able to advise you on the strengths of your claim. Before you disclose information to regulators or any other party, you would be aware of the proper manner in which to share evidence. Furthermore, if you need additional information to strengthen your case, we will help you determine the best and most appropriate way to obtain that information. 

Bracken Lamberton is the law firm that helps whistleblowers be heard while also being protected from termination and other forms of retaliation. Our society benefits greatly from whistleblowers who help uncover and expose wrongdoing that may affect many people. Our attorneys know how stressful and intimidating it can be to be a whistleblower, and we do not want you to be alone in this process. We are here to offer you the legal support that you need while at the same time protecting you from retaliation. We encourage you to contact us and share your story. We will listen and offer our legal analysis and legal services if appropriate. 

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